Not just the sea, not just the countryside, the structure offers interesting activities that will complete your holiday

Chili and its secrets

The first delegation of the Italian pepper academy in Sardinia. How chilis are grown, all the various species, what differentiates chilis from peppers, how spiciness is measured with the Scoville scale. We organize interesting walks among our chili crops to learn about the taste and secrets of the chili pepper plant.

Sardinian food tasting

Once a week, we organize a theoretical and practical lesson for our guests, but above all a tasty one, in order to make a type of pasta as it was made 100 years ago. You will learn how to prepare lorighittas, malloreddus, fregula, ferrittu, filindeu, and ravioli, using durum wheat semolina, warm water and salt, as well as a lot of patience and care. The secret for a special product consists in making a rough-grained pasta, ideal for “trapping” any kind of sauce.

Culinary traditions

Lorighittas, malloreddus, fregula, ferrittu, Filindeu, and ravioli are prepared with durum wheat semolina, warm water and salt, as well as a lot of patience and care because the secret of their goodness is a rough texture that makes the perfect pasta for trapping endless types of gravies and sauces.   Once a week, we organize a "theoretical and practical and above all tasty lesson" for our guests together with an expert in homemade pasta to make a type of pasta as it was done 100 years ago.

Chili and wine

Wine and spicy cuisine are a daring combination for many, fundamental for others. All kinds of spices, especially chili, in order to give real taste to the palate must not cover the flavors of dishes but must enhance their taste together with the drink that accompanies them. This is why, before starting experiments with uncertain outcomes, it would be good to know some additional information to make this food and wine experience unforgettable.

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