Strada Vicinale Figuruja, 10 - Località Mamuntanas
Alghero - 07041 (Sassari)
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Chili peppers

You will find more than 20 types of chilis on our farm, characterized by an extreme variability of spiciness as measured on the Scoville scale.

In the protected areas of the farm, accompanied by an expert, you will learn about the three hottest species in the world: the Nava Viper, the Trinidadian Scorpion and the new world champion Carolina Reaper (5 times hotter than the Habanero).

We produce fresh, dried, and ground chili peppers, in jars or sachets.


On our land we also have tomato crops, a plant widely used in herbal medicine and modern medicine for its cardiotonic, laxative, antiseptic and healing properties.

The flowers are used in the kitchen to decorate and flavor mixed salads or cold dishes, while the leaves can be used in sautés to replace onions.

Fruit trees

For some years we have expanded our production by cultivating fruit trees (figs, quinces, persimmons). 

Our cultivation follows an ethical practice that does not involve the use of synthetic chemicals but is the exclusive result eco-sustainable management using natural fertilizers.  The result is a fruit of excellent quality, albeit with small “aesthetic” defects.


Our jams are produced using only fruits that we carefully select at the right level of ripeness and that we transform in compliance with natural cycles.

They are created through an artisanal process and contain only a low percentage of added sugar, allowing us to better preserve the characteristics of the fruit.

All this, together with the Sardinian sun and the sea breeze, contributes to the incomparable quality of our finished product


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Strada Vicinale Figuruja, 10 - Località Mamuntanas
Alghero - 07041 (Sassari)

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Phone: +39 3357186720
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